JAMB Pre-Registration Tips 2017 – How to Create JAMB Profile Online.

JAMB Pre-Registration Tips 2017 – This article will give you a comprehensive guide on how to “Create JAMB Profile” for JAMB 2017 online registration.

2017 Jamb registration is far different from other years; it is mandatory to all anticipating aspirant that as long as they intend registering for the forthcoming JAMB UTME exercise. They must all adhere to the following tips which primary of it is “Creating of JAMB Profile”.

Create JAMB Profile – How to Create JAMB Profile
You can leave this page open, while you create your profile in another window, and use this as a guide.
If you have already successfully created a profile on the official JAMB portal, you may be required to create another profile because there is usually a UNIQUE CODE that is sent to every new profile created at this time”.
“This UNIQUE CODE is what you are expected to take to the CBT Centre during registration. Whether JAMB will make this code available for existing profiles, we don’t know at this time. We may just have to wait until registration begins, to be guided on how existing profiles can get their own UNIQUE CODE
NOTE - If you are to create this profile, we advise you use a COMPUTER SYSTEM to do so. If you would like to use your mobile device, please DO NOT USE OPERA MINI .
In other to Overcome the 1st Registration Stage, ensure to have a working JAMB Registration Email, if you don’t Click here
>The first step is to validate your email address on the JAMB portal. To do this, click here .
>Fill in your email in the first two spaces provided, then select a question and type a secret answer in the last 2 spaces. The secret question and answer will be required if you forget your password to your profile on the JAMB portal, so ensure you always remember your selected question and the corresponding answer you typed.
>Then click “Verify Email”. A link will be sent to your email.
>Open your email and find an email sent from
noreply@JAMB.gov.ng” . The email should be titled “eMail Address Confirmation”.
>Open the email and click the link that says “Click here to continue your Profile Creation” . If you are unable to click on the link, ensure the email is not in your SPAM/JUNK folder. If it is, move it into your inbox to access the link.
>PLEASE NOTE: There is also a UNIQUE CODE that was sent to you in that email. Please ensure you do not delete that email or you can copy the unique code to somewhere safe. You will be needing this code when you go to register at the CBT Centre.
Once you click the link in step one, step 2 provides you with a form to fill in your personal information
>Fill in all the information as provided by the form. Your surname, first name, middle name, date of birth (day, month & year), your phone number, nationality, state, LGA and Password to your profile.
>Please ensure you crosscheck all the above information, because if you don’t, it may cost you to change it in future.
>Once you are sure of all the above information, click on “Sign Up”.
>That’s all, your profile will be created immediately. You should see a message that says “Your Account Creation Was Successful.”
>You can click on “Proceed to Login” to access your new profile.

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