No real woman would claim her equality with her male counterpart.The global gender-equality crusade is yet to make a meaning and it will not.This is because no woman was made to be the same,in their sense,with the man. Bring out a woman from hair to toes,you'll find myraid of distinguishable different.Dissect a woman and trace from the esophagus to the anus there are various organs and systems that would show they are not the same with the man's. The maker made them differently. The difference brings the uniqueness in each of them and so they complement each other. Woman lib is an unrealistic crusade and is born out of rivalry,envy,resentment and revengefulness. It is an offshoot of ignorance of such crusaders. However,man and woman are both gifted to fulfill specific purpose.Therefore,in some cases where they might be no man to fulfill a certain goal,God might endow a woman in the family,city,even a nation to fulfill it.A real woman would accept this fact and does not sing the song of women liberators or lay claims of their equality with the men.
Culled from 'Abasiodiong Thomas' This Pearly Creature-Woman.