Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering
who the focus of this post should be – girls or
guys or both.
In almost every tertiary institution in Nigeria,you
find ‘undergraduate couples’ living as husbands
and wives. You find a lot of these misguided
people in virtually all schools. It’s so bad that,
often times,they are duly recognised and
acknowledged as couples by lodge neighbours,
classmates and even leaders of various students
associations. Little wonder there is such an
award as “The best couple of the year award”
shamelessly and thoughtlessly received by
students..Like I said earlier, I really don’t know
the particular gender to address but let me just
keep typing. The rate at which girls live with
their boyfriends in their various off campus
hostels is painfully alarming.
Most times, these young girls are very beautiful,
with bright and promising future.They cohabit
with boys who are their fellow students as
roommates. The lugubrious part of it is that the
silly girl would always introduce the small boy as
her fiancé..Our society is really sick courtesy of
those that live in it. These girls collect either
hostel fees or house rents from unsuspecting
(and sometimes, struggling)parents and end up in
the house of a boy. You struggled possibly for
several years to gain admission. Then you
suddenly became a prayer warrior posting and
shouting ‘Amen’ at the slighted provocation. You
fasted. You had one prayer point filled with
promises of your loyalty and devotion to God if
only He would answer your prayer. Now that He
has fulfilled His part by answering and granting
you admission, don’t you think He is expecting
you to fulfill your own part, to keep whatever
promises you made to Him??.
Many of you just got admission and once you
settle down (especially from your second year),
crazy thoughts will begin to creep into your
minds. Yes by then, the heat of the rush would
have been over; If God didn’t capture you
(possibly through the various campus
fellowships), boys would have caught you. In my
school we even have an unrecognized,
unregistered but well offered course .
For d guys its a course that shouldn't be carried
Soon, they would persuade you to move in with
them. Of course, they’d give you one thousand
reasons to make you give in to their
prodding..Before you agree to move in and live
with a boy on campus, consider the reason why
you are in school in the first place. What image
would you be creating about yourself?
Can this boy marry you in case you get pregnant
for him as is always the case, or will you resort
to series of abortions like many other girls before
What advice will you give your children in future
concerning this kind of things? After school,
what next? Will the relationship really lead you
This post is finally addressing the female folks. I
didn’t plan it that way. Maybe it’s because they
are the worst hit by the grave consequences of
illicit sexual relationships. They are the ones that
turn out to be the sore losers in the end. They
call it school life but they don’t realize how
idiotic they have been till it’s too late. You are
not in school to get married. Part of the reasons
why you are in school IS NOT to get the
husband-and-wife experience, to see what it
feels like for the boy to provide the money for
food and for the girl to go to the market for food
stuffs and cook. That’s pure misplacement of
One guy told me that he was practically learning
how tobe a caring and romantic husband. Such
shameless! Then you hear the girl say, “We are
not doing anything, we are just roommates”. Yet
she commits countless abortions before
graduation..Yes, your admission has given you
unlimited freedom. Yes, your parents are not
there to tell you what to do or what not to do.
There is even no blood relation around, so
there's no fear of someone reporting you. But
what about giving your womanhood respect and
protecting your dignity?
What about living in such a way as to have a
positive story to tell the next generation
(including your children) without your conscience
pricking you?
What Goes Around Will Definately Come
Why not exercise a moment of thorough thinking....

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