Update info on Reigners church collapsing

Governor Udom attended a programme at Reigners bible church and as the service was going on ,the building collapses ,Governor udom was injured,and was urgently rushed to the hospital

So many persons have been injured, 26 confirmed dead in the incident which happened at about 12 noon on Saturday.

Though there is no reliable source that has confirmed the total dead,but *Anie Greatman* source had confirmed 26 dead as at Monday 12

A reliable source reports that the Apostle Akan weeks wanted to go for Akwa Ibom state C.A.N chairman, and for him to have that he must be a Bishop,so he was asked by the council of Bishops to expand the church,they said its won't be large enough for the crowd.  So he told  the people handling the constuction ovthe building to expand the building which they did.

When it was the time for the ordination, he told them to remove the support, the people handling the building told him "no" that would be dangerous and that the building is not yet due ,but he said "that is foolisness ,remove it,I MUST be ordained"

After the praise and worship ,as the ordination was about to start the building fell.

To even look at the building itself ,just passing there you'll see the unprofessional work done on the building,he refused to employ an engineer to supervise and see to the building of the house,the columns that were uses were very slender

People have been asking if Governor Udom was in the building or not,but the real story is that he was just coming in with his P.A as the building came down his P.A pushed him outside,and he couldn't save himself so he(P.A) was seriously injured, he was rushed to the hospital, he died minutes later.

The dead and injured were taken to more than 3 hospitals, this is because they kept fulling each hospital they were admitted ,but at about Sunday afternoon all of them were admitted.

Governor Udom have asked for the arrest of the Building contractor 

Our source said high profile citizens of the state were present at the event when the church, located at Km1 Uyo Village Rd, Off Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo, collapsed.

Original info *Aniegreatman*

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