Things about Islam you may not have known

1. slam, as a religious system, is entirely of Satanic origin. The Devil is behind every aspect of it. It is a "monotheistic" form of the ancient moon worship that Abraham left in Iraq 2000 BC, but which his descendents through Ishmael have continued. When Muslims circle the Kabah en mass, the Devil is the true object of their worship. The Bible teaches that the Devil and demons use religions like Islam in order to be worshipped by man as God. "the Gentiles sacrifice things to demons and not to God" 1 Cor 10:20; 2 Chron 18:21-22; Acts 17:16-23; Lev 17:7 ; Deut 32:17; Ps 106:37; Rev 9:20; Rev 16:13-14; Rev 18:2; 1 Ti 4:1-2; Gal 1:8. That Islam is clearly of satanic origin is seen in how vicious the theological and physical attacks are against Christians or anyone who believes that Christ was crucified at all, or that Christ is God's Son. Islam to pagan Arabs is an excellent satanic counterfeit that has influenced 1/4 of the earth's population. Islam is certainly the Devil's greatest challenge against the one true God and and Saviour: Jesus Christ.
2. Although Islam is a monotheistic religion, it is really a pagan religion reformed and repackaged into monotheism. Islam is paganism in monotheistic wrapping paper . Muhammad chose one god, from among hundreds of pagan gods, to be his one monotheistic god. "Islam is Polytheism with a monotheistic veil". "Islam is Repackaged Polytheism."
3. Christianity is the religion where God sends his own son to die for your. Islam is the religion where Allah to die for him. Jesus said love your enemies. Muhammad said murder your enemies with a bloody sword. When Jesus was mocked, ridiculed and tortured, he turned the other cheek, and endured it in silence. "He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth. When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead he entrusted himself to him who judges justly" (1 Peter 2:22, 23). When Muhammad was so much as questioned, he ordered their immediate murder.
4. "What are the highest values in Christian faith? Love, sacrifice, humility, and compassion for others, which includes longsuffering. What are the highest values in Islam? The highest is fighting for Allah especially if you die in the process. As far as an ordinary Muslim is concerned, his highest value is doubtless going to Paradise and enjoying all the sensual delights promised to him. Although virtues are of importance in Islam, you never hear that love or patience, longsuffering or goodness, or faithfulness or truthfulness are of the highest value. Prayer and good works in keeping the Five Pillars are most important. Prayer and good works are very important in Christianity also, but they are a means to an end, not the end in itself. The Bible teaches us that all the qualities of love are the top priority in a Christian's life because this mirrors the character of God (1 Cor 13:1-7). ... What is the Islamists' highest goal? It is without doubt to be martyred in a physical battle for Allah in extending his sovereignty or the rule of his law on the Earth. ... What is the Christian's highest goal? God tells us what His purpose is for us, and that ought to be our highest goal. "For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son" (Romans 8:29). Now Jesus is "in the express image of the Father" (Hebrews 1:3). This means that to be conformed to the likeness of Christ is to be conformed to the likeness of God, and this is God's purpose for us. It ought to be our highest goal in this life and in the life to come." (Islam Rising, Jim Murk, p200)
5. The center of focus of the Kabah that Muslims circle 7 times counterclockwise once a year during the Hajj, is a meteorite called the black stone. This meteorite is the reference point by which they count the 7 revolutions. It is the "zero" marker. This shows the true origin of the Hajj to be pagan. Obviously a real meteorite fell sometime before Muhammad was born and the pagan Arabs began worshipping it. A similar pagan worship of a meteorite is found in Ephesus when Apostle Paul visited it: Acts 19:23-36
6. It is clear, from a historical point of view, that Muhammad, as a youth
participated in worshipping all the 360 pagan gods in the Kabah in Mecca which was owned and operated by the Quraish tribe to which Muhammad was member in good standing. As Muhammad grew up, he was influenced by Christians (monotheists) who condemned the polytheism at the Kabah. At some point in Muhammad's life, he was convinced by the Christians that Polytheism was wrong and sought to reject the 360 pagan gods he had grown up with. Muhammad was converted to the concept of monotheism through the influence and teachings of Christians. Being a proud "nationalistic cultural Arab", bent on preserving his traditions, Muhammad, decided to "reform" his native pagan religion, rather than adopt a completely different religion like Christianity. Muhammad took the top pagan god of the Kabah in Mecca (called Hubal and/or Allah) and chose it to be his new monotheistic god. This god was already considered the top god among other gods at the Kabah. Muhammad's strategy was simple. Rather than converting all the Arab people to the monotheism of Christianity, Muhammad merely banished the other 359 pagan gods and chose the one remaining to be the one and only god... what Muslims refer to today as "Allah".
7. Islam was born in 610 AD, a full 600 years later than Christianity! The Devil had just gotten Pope Boniface III to declare himself the universal bishop of all churches in the world... a claim the eastern orthodox churches never accepted. In 622 AD, Muslims wiped out the eastern church in a bloody slaughter, leaving the Bishop of Rome to become the dominant, (although apostate) force of Christianity for the next 1000 years.
8. When Muhammad was trying to convert one of his fellow pagan Arabs to monotheism, the conversation probably went something like this: Muhammad: "You know, worshipping all these pagan gods is really silly. There must be a supreme god, a "THE GOD". (the god is what Allah actually means) We already refer to the chief or head of the Kabah as "Allah", lets continue to worship that god, but do away with all the others. I don't want to discard the Allah, the Lord of the Kabah that we already worship, rather I only want to remove his wife and his daughters and all the other gods. And lets never refer to Allah again as "Hubal" or call him the moon god, because Allah, being our new monotheistic supreme god, created the moon.
9. In 1975 AD, the Muslim/Algerian President Boumedienne told the UN General Assembly: "One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women." Based on demographics, the Netherlands are currently most at risk of being taken over by the Muslims, but the cities of Paris and Brussels equally at risk. We predict the Eiffel Tower will be converted to a mosque within 50 year and fly the Crescent moon god symbol atop.
10. "This new monotheism is Satan's substitute for Judeo Christianity and seeks to take over the Earth. It is an attempt to copy aspects of both Judaism and Christianity, while at the same time cutting the real meaning and heart out of each and substituting a reasonable deception and fraud. Satan's name is Deceiver. If we seriously and carefully compare God's revelation given to the prophets of Israel and through Jesus and his disciples as found in the Bible with the Qur'an and the teachings of Muhammad and Islam, there is no other conclusion to make than that this religious charade is a very clever invention of Satan, the imposter. Islam provides no Savior, no grace, no salvation from sin, no lasting forgiveness, no real love and no intimate fellowship with God. At its heart it offers sensual or lust-of-the flesh satisfactions which are in the category of Satan's appeal to Eve's flesh in the Garden of Eden. Islam's promised Paradise, for example, which can be achieved by dying for Allah, is a well-watered garden filled with tasty food and drink and an unending heavenly orgy of sex. There is no mention of the spiritual heavenly joy of experiencing the eternal presence of God and His glory. A Muslim can never have a close personal relationship with God or "know" God as his Heavenly Father in this life or in the life to come. One can only have this relationship with Jesus Christ who said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). It is too bad that Muhammad did not know this statement of Jesus." (Islam Rising, Jim Murk, p184)
11. "In many cases they (Muslims) do not even recognize what sin is. Their Perfect Model Muhammad was a robber, a murderer, a fornicator, a pedophile, a wife beater, a truce breaker, a liar, and one who had his enemies assassinated. We not only reflect the character of our heroes, we will reflect the character of our god, and Allah cannot be trusted completely. He is distant, capricious and changeable; he is not a loving father but a demanding taskmaster; he is cold without unconditional love; he hates the sinner and the corrupt, and predestines everything with seeming legalistic arbitrariness countenancing violence and the killing of all those who will not submit to him." (Islam Rising, Jim Murk, p198)
12. Islam literally means Submission. Western Imams knowingly lie to the media when they say Islam means peace.
13. Islam is not primarily a religion but a political control system for economic and territorial domination. It is fascism exactly like Hitler or Stalin that seeks to take over the world. A Muslim proverb says: "First we will wipe out the Saturday people and then we will eliminate the Sunday people." Osama bin Laden said, "We win because we want to die and you want to live."
14. Muhammad invented Islam in order to control the warring Arab tribes. Muhammad grafted to annual pagan pilgrimage (Hajj) into Islam in order to create a "no fighting between warring tribes" time, in order to facilitate commerce and trade.
15. Within 100 years of the invention of Islam, Muslims had wiped out 80% of all Christians on the face of the planet with the sword. The modern "Orthodox" church (eastern, Byzantine) was almost entirely destroyed. Before this Islamic-initiated holocaust, the Byzantine church was 5 times larger than the "western/roman Catholic" church. Today the Roman Catholic church is 10 times larger than the Orthodox, as a testimony to this slaughter they endured at the hands of the Muslims. Had this slaughter not occurred, the Orthodox church would be 10 times larger than the Roman Catholic today.
16. The remnants of moon worship can be seen in Islam in the fact that the crescent moon is atop every mosque and that the 28 day sacred month of Ramadan, (annual pilgrimage of Hajj) starts and finishes with the crescent shaped phase of the moon . The croissant was invented in Vienna in the 16th century, being inspired by the crescent moon symbol of Islam. Islamic countries fly flags that still use the crescent moon with the stars in the middle are remnants of moon worship. Before Muhammad came along, the crescent moon represented Allah and the stars represented his daughters. (el-Lat, el-Uzza, and Manat)
Even the Islamic sword (scimitar) is shaped like a crescent moon in honor of their pagan history.
17. Islamic ritual, including the Hajj, the stand, the throw and the run were all practiced by the pagans long before Muhammad adopted them into Islam. Muhammad took these pagan practices and declared them to be the correct way to worship a monotheistic Allah. In this way, the pagans could keep their old pagan practices and apply them to one god rather than hundreds. It made conversion to Islam very easy for the Arabs since Islam felt the same as their paganism.
18. Islam is the restoral of moon worship Abraham gave up when he left the Ur of Chaldees. Abraham left moon worship of Iraq for the one true God. His son Ishmael was cast out and went to Arabia where he continued to worship the moon God. The crescent moon atop every mosque is the symbol that Ishmael went back to the very moon worship that his father Abraham abandoned.
19. Muslims cannot be trusted to keep political truces because Muhammad never did. Muhammad set the pattern of truce breaking employed by Muslims today. Yasser Arafat actually cited the fact that Muhammad broke the truce of Hudaybiyyah, as a precedent for breaking the Oslo accords. "A "hudna" isn't a peace treaty. It's a temporary truce called by a Muslim warrior who's losing in battle. It's pretty easy to understand how hudnas work by watching Israel fight Hamas and Hezbollah. Those two terrorist groups lob rockets and send suicide bombers into Israel for months; then, every once in a while, Israel deploys its military and flattens Hamas and Hezbollah, who then call for a "hudna". The UN intervenes, saving Hamas and Hezbollah to fight another day. That's a hudna: a tactical truce for a strategic advantage." Ezra Levant.
20. Whereas Muhammad only allowed his followers to have 4 wives, Muhammad had 22 wives, the youngest was six years old. Surah 32:50. Muslim men can have sex with as many of their own slave girls as they can buy. Sura 4:3,24. When Muhammad wanted to marry another man's wife, (Zayd) he got a "convenient" revelation from Allah that permitted Zayd to divorce his wife Zeinab, so Muhammad could marry her. Muhammad permitted his soldiers to have three day temporary marriages called a "muta" so they could have "legal sex" while away from their real wives at home. Today Ayatollahs grant marriages for specific periods of time (hours, days, months, years) , like leasing a car or an apartment. This is how a man made religion comes up with a "solution" to fornication and adultery.
21. Proof that Islam was invented by Muhammad, is proven by the fact that the Koran indicates that the Christian trinity is made up of the Father, Son and Mary (Jesus Mother). This heretical doctrine was indeed taught by the Collyridlans and Ebonites who had fled to Arabia. Muhammad learned Christian doctrine through these heretics and incorrectly assumed it was representative of Christianity in general.
22. Zaid bin Thabit's Second Account of the Collection of the Qur'an in Hadith 509 proves that the Koran was never compiled into one volume during the life time of Muhammad. The Hadith shows how it was feared that portions of the Qur'an would be lost. This indicates that there was not yet a complete recognized cannon. Abu Bakr was not familiar with a collected Qur'an and said that Muhammad had never decreed it be collected. The best that was available was "fragmentary scripts." When ordered to compile the Qur'an, Zaid at first refused on the grounds that Muhammad had not done so. Zaid declared that it would be a difficult task. There were three methods of recording Zaid searched out - palm leaf stalks, thin white stones and also from the men who knew it by heart. One verse was found only in the possession of one man.
23. There were, originally, countless contradictory versions of the Koran until Caliph Uthman ordered the Qur'an collected into one volume about 40 years after Muhammad died. (about 650 AD) cf. Hadith 709 & 507. The only reason the modern versions of the Koran have only small variations between the various versions, is because a formal edict was issued in 800 AD that outlawed, under pain of execution, the possession of any Koran version other than the one chosen by Caliph Uthman. (Basically, Caliph Uthman chose a version of the Koran that we was familiar with.) Historically, it was not even the best choice, but the most convenient choice. Contrary to Muslim claims, there are no ancient copies of the Koran dating before 745 AD in museums.
24. The Arabs were polytheists and pagans until 600 AD. Their claims of being the only monotheistic religion is laughable given the fact that they were the "late bloomers" who adopted monotheism 2600 years after the Jews and 600 years after the Christians.
25. The Koran borrows heavily from the Bible and is a random collection of literature that includes confirmed fairy tails and myths. Reading the Koran is a toilsome and confused jumble of nonsense. Large portions of the Koran are impossible to accurately translate because the text is incomprehensible. McClintock and Strong say of the Koran: "It is humiliating to the human intellect to think that this mediocre literature has been the subject of innumerable commentaries and that millions of men are still wasting time in absorbing it." In other words, reading the Koran is a confusing waste of time, where as the Bible is beautiful, coherent with a simple and powerful message.
26. Islam, like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons have progressive revelation. JW's call it "new light". Muslims call it "Nasikh". Jehovah's Witnesses were once instructed to celebrate Christmas, birthdays and salute the flag, but "new light" changed all that. Mormons, like all Muslims, were originally polygamists until Joseph Smith conveniently received a revelation from God on the eve of the US government outlawing the practice of polygamy.
27. "Nasikh" is the concept that newer revelation cancels older revelation. Today Muslims, who understand the principle of "Nasikh" deceptively quote the Koran to trick the media into thinking Islam is peaceful and tolerant of non-Muslims. The Koran, like the Bible, has an "old testament", that is abolished and not used as law and a "new testament", that is used by Muslims today. The abolished sections of the Koran were written in Medina when Muhammad faced his disciples to pray towards Jerusalem in an effort to sway the Jews to convert to Islam. It was during this time Muhammad taught toleration towards non-Muslims. When the Jews rightly told Muhammad to take a hike, he killed them and as a "snubbed and jilted lover" suddenly instructed his followers to forget praying towards Jerusalem and start praying towards Mecca. During the Medina phase, Muhammad taught toleration towards non-Muslims. During the Meccan phase, Muhammad started teaching "death to non-Muslims". Muslim leaders (Imams) deliberately quote from the abolished "Media" sections of the Koran when, for a short time, Muhammad preached tolerance, in a manipulative ploy to convert the Jews. These Imams know that the later sections of the Koran when Muhammad was at Mecca, preach death to non-Muslims.
28. Contrary to the deceptive claims of Muslims, the word "Allah" is never used in the Bible. There are no prophecies of Muhammad in the Bible.
29. Muslims who refer to Allah as a "loving father" will be put to death. Allah is a distant, cold, rigid, unknown god, never a loving father as in Judaism and Christianity.
30. In nations where Muslims are a minority, they claim Islam is a peaceful religion that worships the same God as Christians. However, when these same Muslims gain a majority, military or political control, they slaughter the Christians.
31. More Christians have been murdered at the hands of Muslims in the last 100 years, than all previous persecutions upon Christians combined back to the first century.
32. It is the formal stated policy of the Koran and modern Muslim leaders to take over the world and replace the constitution of the USA with Shariah law and install loudspeakers throughout the land forcing everyone to endure the "howling of the demons" 5 times a day and bow to the Moon God in prayer. They certainly would abolish our public noise bylaws to say the least!
33. Islam evangelizes with the physical sword, Christianity evangelizes with the sword of the Spirit (the message of the Gospel) Islam grows by placing a crescent moon shaped knife to the throat to force conversion. Christianity offers freedom of each individual to accept or reject the eternal life offered by Jesus Christ, the son of God.
34. Allah, the Muslim moon God, can and does break his word and promises because "he is god". Jesus taught that students are never above their teachers. This may be instructive in dealing with Muslims in politics, business, diplomacy and socialization.
35. The Koran plainly and openly instructs men to physically beat their "insubordinate" wives. (Koran 4:34)
36. To the Muslim, before the day of resurrection and the second coming of Christ, there will be "17 fearful signs in heaven" and "8 lesser signs on the earth".
37. The highest and greatest reward for Muslim men is to go to heaven where he will have 72 bashful dark eyed virgins (houris) at his sexual disposal and whim.
We wonder what Muslim women get as their great reward? (One woman speculated their reward may be to be rid of Muslim men!) The description of heaven is exactly what a 7th century Arab male would find appealing in the physical sense only: 80,000 servants, 72 beautiful sex slaves, wine and booze, fruit, shade, fine clothing and jewelry, carpets made of silk, music etc. In fact we wonder if Hugh Hefner is in fact a secret Muslim, given the fact that he is living now on earth, like Muslim hope to live like when they get to heaven. It is puzzling why Muslims forbid wine, booze and alcoholic drinks now, but they will be permitted in heaven. But moral consistency is not important to a Muslim, given the fact that even Yasser Arafat built and owned a large casino in near Jericho, Israel, even though gambling is also forbidden to Muslims.
38. What we are experiencing today in Islamic terrorism is the normalized pattern Muslims learned from Muhammad. Muslims never negotiate, compromise or enter peaceful co-existences with non-Muslims that are considered permanent. So too Muslims are content to dwell and sound reasonable and peaceful, until they reach large enough majorities to start flexing their terrorist muscles as we recently saw in the European riots and in France. Muslim quest for power and world domination is like a creeping weed or a slow dripping faucet that non-Muslims would be wise to take note of and action against.
39. Saddam Hussein believed he was the reincarnation of the Nebuchadnezzar of the Bible, who conquered the Jews in 586 BC. He, like all Muslim leaders including the current president of Iran (Ahmadinejad), believe Israel should be exterminated and wiped off the face of the map. These same Muslim leaders who want to commit genocide and holocaust against Israel today, also denounce the German holocaust of the second world war as a myth invented by Jews for sympathy. It is the formal stated goal of most Muslim leaders to recapture and destroy Israel because they believe this is one of the things that must happen before Christ can return. Historically, Arab countries sided with the Nazis in the extermination of Jews, while today they dismiss the very holocaust they supported as a "Zionist myth".
40. Muhammad taught that the highest and noblest thing one could do for Allah, was to fight with the sword and/or die in the process. He taught that in heaven, the shade is provided by large swords (Hadith 1:25). Now that's a strange umbrella indeed! He taught that 24 hours of slicing Christians and pagans into bloody pieces with the sword was better than a month of prayer and fasting.
41. Modern Muslims in the west knowingly lie about the ruthless and cruel nature of Muhammad and have publicly stated things like, "Muhammad was such a peaceful man that he wouldn't even bend the twig of a branch of a tree." This is rather untruthful, given the fact he exterminated and plundered many towns and caravans to evangelize his new religion.
42. Muslims live in an alternate historical universe and reject every history book in every library in every country in the world... The only history books they accept, are those that say Adam built the Kabah in Mecca, Jesus was a Muslim who made the pilgrimage to Mecca etc.
43. Muslim leaders have been documented openly promoting silly myths like: 1. Jews were driving the planes that hit the world trade towers under the authority of the FBI and the advice of Israel to make Muslims look bad. 2. The day the World Trade Towers fell, the TV footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets was faked by CNN. So not only do Muslims live in an alternate historical universe, they live in an alternate logical universe.
44. The only iron clad guarantee of immediate entrance into heaven assured the Muslim is to die while murdering innocent non-Muslims with swords, guns, suicide bombs. Such actions surely spread the military and political control of Islam for "king Muhammad" and should be a simple and obvious sign to the unbiased observer, that Islam is a form of fascism that uses religion to conquer new lands.
45. The Crusades initiated by Pope Urban II in 1095 AD, was a retaliation for the Muslim slaughter of 7000 Christian pilgrims who tried to peacefully visit Jerusalem in 1065 AD. Of course they could also be considered a 450 year delayed retaliation for the Muslim slaughter of almost 100% of the Christians from Alexandria through Israel to Asia. All of Europe would be Muslim today had Charles "The Hammer" Martel (grandfather of Charlemagne) not halted the slaughter of Christians in 732 AD begun by Muhammad himself 100 years earlier. "Charles's victory has often been regarded as decisive for world history, since it preserved western Europe from Muslim conquest and Islamization." (Britannica) Christians had turned the other cheek for 450 years of Islamic genocide against Christians. Today, Islamic Imperialism continues to spread with the murder all the Christians within their power to execute. Europe and the West should take this warning seriously.
46. Pope Urban II does not escape our criticism however. He lowered the high bar of Christianity to the low moral level of Islam. Echoing Satan's instructions to Muhammad, the Pope spoke where God was silent by promising the Christian soldiers that they would go straight to heaven if they died in the Crusades. He also cloned the Muslim slogan of "As Allah wills, with one of his own: "Deus Vult" (God wills it). While the Muslim slaughter of Christians is plainly mandated by the Koran and Muhammad as "Islam par excellence", Jesus outright forbade the murder of Muslims, for simply being Muslims. Yet it is important to keep in mind that the Crusades were not offensive actions, but provocated defensive actions. After the slaughter of 7000 unarmed pilgrims at Jerusalem, the Pope decided to send another group of "pilgrims" whose innocent intent was the same as the first: visit Jerusalem. But these pilgrims were also armed soldiers who, unlike the first 7000, were capable of defending themselves when the Muslims attacked them. While the Crusades where a provocative but passive incursion into Muslim controlled lands, no Muslim blood would have been shed, had they merely let the Crusaders pray in Jerusalem and leave in peace. Unfortunately, when the Muslims did attack, the Crusaders went too far by slaughtering everything in their path, including both Muslims and Jews. This slaughter was historically, a dark stain on Christianity, although it paled in the magnitude of the Muslim slaughters that happened 400 years earlier.
47. Muslims say, "Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you from the inside. Thanks to our religious laws we will rule over you." There is no reciprocity of the freedoms offered Muslims in the lands where they came from.
48. Apart from oil production, the GDP (gross domestic product) of all Arab nations combined is less than a single European nation, a large US state or the province of Ontario in Canada. Without oil, Arabs would be hopelessly part of the third world for centuries to come. Arabs don't manufacture and produce stuff the world want to use. They are living off of the "welfare of the oil" in their land. Even then, they need American genius, technology and manpower to get it out ground. Arab nations are a welfare states where their money is handed to them from the hard labors of the west. Arab nations are like a lazy, unproductive and uneducated son of a rich man who inherits a large sum of money and then lives the life of a king on the money. Arab nations have more in common with Paris Hilton, then they care to admit! From an economic point of view, they just sit back and collect the oil royalty checks each month without doing a thing and think the blessing is from Allah. In a paradox, it is the very money the west sends these Arab nations that has funded all of the recent Islamic terrorism and aggression around the world and posses a threat to the west.
49. Inventing and "Developing mass commercial aviation and soaring skyscrapers was the West's idea; slashing the throats of stewardesses and flying the planes into the skyscrapers was radical Islam's idea. Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn
50. The "moderate Muslims" living in North America quietly support the destruction of Israel. On rare occasions (or when it makes them look good to naive western Media outlets), they will criticize suicide bombers. Even Muslims living in the USA, have a fundamental hatred of both the USA and Israel. Almost all Muslims living in Canada openly and vocally voice their hate for both the USA and Israel. They only time Muslim organizations stand up for freedom, is to defend the democratic freedoms we offer them, not criticize the open slaughter and torture of Christians in the very lands where these same Muslim leaders were born. For example, almost all Muslim organizations in the USA oppose the "Patriot act". These Muslim organizations often have under the table sympathy for active terrorist groups in the Middle east. None of them would protest if the constitution of the USA was replaced with Shariah law
51. Bibles are forbidden anywhere inside Saudi Arabia, the "offence" being punishable by death. When a Muslim converts to Christianity, Muhammad ordered the person to be killed.
52. There is often an obscene hypocrisy between what Muslim leaders say in English to westerners vs. what they say in Arabic to Muslims.
53. Suicide bombers openly call themselves terrorists with pride since the Koran calls for Muslims to act as terrorists in Koran 8:12. "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them".
54. There are at least 20 direct parallels between Mormons and Muslims. The Parallels are so striking, some speculate that Joseph Smith studied and copied Islam. Other's view the similarities as proof that the same demon "angel" spoke to both Smith and Muhammad.
55. Muhammad would "experience" epileptic type fits when he received revelation from Allah.
56. Muhammad reacted to images and symbols of the Christian cross the exact same way that a "vampire reacts to garlic". Being terrified of the cross, may have been learned by Muhammad from the Devil himself, since Satan was defeated by the cross and is a real source of terror for the devil. We would expect the servants of Satan to be like their master.
57. Home grown in the west Muslim suicide bombers "are a literal baby boom." Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn
58. In Europe, more Muslims attend Friday mosques, than Christians attend Sunday churches. Islam is not growing by conversion, but immigration. Only 2% of European's attend church today. 40 years ago, 50% attended. Muslims don't actually convert many non-Muslim people, unless they put a knife to their throat. The Muslims grow by as many babies as they can. "In every mosque of Europe the Friday prayer is accompanied by the exhortation with which the imam addresses the Muslim women: 'Bear at least five children each couple'" (Oriana Fallaci)
59. Every baby aborted in Canada is replaced by a Muslim immigrant on an almost one to one basis. Every year in Canada, there are approximately 330,000 live births 105,000 abortions by home grown Canadians. There are 210,000 immigrants each year into Canada. Today, Muslims are the second biggest supplier of immigrants to Canada. If abortion was banned and Canadian families had just one more kid, we would not need any immigrants into Canada to keep the economy afloat! The abortion rate in Canada is 30% of live births. For Russia it is 70%! Multiply the Canadian figures by ten to get the approximate US figures. If Western countries would ban abortion, they could then allow immigration out of Christian compassion, not economic necessity.
60. Europe's Islamic leaders view Europe as a Muslim colony that will soon have Sharia law. Solid science shows that within 20 years many European nations will be literally taken over by the Muslims.

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