A fast rising crew called power step up,made up of 5 handsome (Richard, Twizt,Smash, Sparklings,Anie - check facebook for them) guys,who are now taking over the world with God.Power step up having an industry (power step up entertainment )which deals on movie Power step up as a crew of five sing and dance .
They have sang and danced in Warri,Calabar,Akwa Ibom,etc,featured in TV channels like Kln, Stv,Akbc,Nta,warritv,etc
Shoot Movies(have actors too incase you're looking for actors)
Shoot music videos(power step up)
Edit photos(bring old pictures new, bring original color to black and white pictures,join torn pictures)
If you're an aspiring actor, and you desire to be good in acting and also want to act,power step up entertainment is an industry that frequently shoot movies ,so you're guaranteed of being on screen frequently, these industry also send their good actors to feature in Nollywood movies,they have a very good editor that can do what ever you see in American movies(his name is Anie greatman,also search google for Anie greatman)so if your movie need high graphics,be rest assured that it is done.
They are very good in
-shooting action movies
-shooting scary movies
-shooting seasonal/series,etc
For more information contact
+2348088945365(Twizt-Dance director)

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